Psychotherapy (REBT)

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)

“People are disturbed not by things but by their views of things.” – Epictetus

REBT, originated by Albert Ellis, PhD, in 1955, is a highly psychoeducational, active-directive, and self-help approach for reducing emotional distress and self-defeating behaviors.

REBT is the “original” Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) so popular today, and Dr. Ellis is regarded as the Father of REBT and the Grandfather of CBT.

Dr. Ellis acknowledged Dr. Madden as “a great applier of REBT.”

“Life has inevitable suffering as well as pleasure. By realistically thinking, feeling and acting to enjoy what you can, and unangrily and unwhiningly accepting painful aspects that cannot be changed — you open yourself to much joy.”

— Albert Ellis             

What is REBT?

REBT is a modern, efficient and results-oriented approach toward achieving unconditional self-acceptance, frustration and discomfort tolerance, emotional control, elimination of self-defeating behaviors, mood management, and improved love and work relationships.

Dr. Madden defines this relative freedom from self-imposed emotional distress and self-defeating behavior as “rational living.”

What can REBT offer that CBT does not?

Though similar in stressing the importance of the way we think in how we feel and act, REBT is more elegant than CBT in some ways. One way is how REBT fosters USA — Unconditional Self Acceptance.

Many people don’t have self-acceptance or self-confidence. Instead, they experience a need for approval (and fear of disapproval), and a rigid demand that they perform exceedingly — if not perfectly — well. REBT can help you transcend anxiety and self-downing to experience the freedom and joy of USA — Unconditional Self Acceptance.

How can REBT help me?

REBT helps you to tolerate emotional discomfort in addition to reducing it. Being able to withstand frustration and discomfort is a sign of maturity, and confers stress hardiness and resilience necessary to effectively cope with life challenges.

Applying REBT can deliver lower emotional distress and higher discomfort tolerance (HDT).


– When you often don’t feel good about yourself
– When you too easily lose emotional control
– When you’re unhappy with your relationship(s)
– When painful feelings & issues get in the way
– When your parenting skills aren’t working


– When you often seek approval and fear disapproval
– When struggling with betrayal, loss or life change
– When you can’t control self-defeating behaviors
– When you don’t give voice to your hurts & desires
– When you want to help yourself to greater happiness

What mental health challenges respond well to REBT?

Rational Living Made Simple

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